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Consumers May Be Able To Cut Debt By Adding Rebates

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Easier rebates could lead to greater savings, less debt. Many consumers may be losing out on extra savings simply by not taking the necessary time to compare prices on products, clip coupons or search for sales at retail destinations.

However, Offermatic, a new California-based start up, is looking to take some of the pain and suffering out of saving money and reducing debt by offering a free service that calculates and adds rebates directly into a bank account.

The company's services allow consumers the ability to review their past purchase history easily while getting rebates from $5 to $100 on purchases made with their credit or debit cards.

"We're solving a real consumer problem by taking the pain out of saving money," said Faisal Qureshi, founder and chief executive officer of Offermatic. "Our approach ensures that merchants and customers both win - and customers automatically save money just by using their credit or debit card. It's better for merchants, and better for consumers."

By helping consumers save money on purchases they've already made, consumers could reduce their debts and garner increased funds for holiday spending.

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