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CampusWatch Financial Literacy Program Aids College Students

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New program provides financial advice tailored to individual student College students are entering the bleak job market with more student loan and credit card debt than ever before, posing significant financial obstacles to young adults. The tough circumstances young adults are facing has prompted many schools and companies to launch literacy and money management programs to help graduates avoid risky or irresponsible financial behavior.

Credit management company Identity Force has created a CampusWatch program for colleges and universities, allowing them to instruct their students on the best ways to attain financial success and reduce debt. The program is a personalized system that will help each individual student manage his or her debt and receive tailored recommendations for his or her finances.

"High interest payments, a compromised financial identity and a poor credit resume are issues that threaten millions of students, and have significant ramifications for institutions that don't implement financial literacy programs designed to address these issues," Identity Force CEO Steven Bearak said.

A recent study reveals a lack of financial literacy has contributed to changing ideals about the American Dream among young adults. Fewer youths believe education is necessary to make more money, and many do not think homeownership is part of the American Dream.

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